Zero to Hero, Day 1

I had no idea how I was going to begin this journey so I’m glad to see the Zero to Hero challenge. Okay so about me.

Well, I am not new to blogging, but I never actually completely figured it out. I grew to liking other bloggers and reading what they had to say, but not really figuring out what it was I wanted to say myself. My thoughts venture so much that it seemed impossible for me to sit down and actually write something with much meaning. For a while it was just a place to track my days but one thing lead to another and I pulled away from it all together. I realized that even though I had no idea what I was doing, it was something that I kind of liked. It was different and I like different. So here I am. New blog, new mood, ready to try this thing out again and hopefully catch on this time.

What it is I want to write about…. honestly I’m not sure yet. I love poetry so I could get off into that. I’m a psychology major so maybe I could talk about the interesting things I find through that whole experience (already a few things I find incredible). I’m a very random person so maybe I might have a different topic everyday. I’m not sure. I’m hoping that through this challenge I am able to figure something out and run with it. In the end I want it to be the place I can express myself and not feel as though they are misplaced. This blog is a place I want my true feelings to show and let people see who I really am. So here goes nothing! The start of a new adventure and hopefully some of you would like to join me down whatever path it may be that this blog takes me.


5 thoughts on “Zero to Hero, Day 1

  1. From one crazy random person to another random person, I understand your perspective here. I write about random stuff, and I write a lot of random stuff. Just things that happen, the way I feel on issues, the things I see on youtube, my kids getting me to the point of ripping my hair out. Anything goes. This is YOURS, write whatever you’d like. I’m definitely following you! 🙂

    • I guess its something I already knew but glad to know there are random people out there like me. I’m also following you so looking forward to reading your posts!

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