My Life. My decisions.

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey

This quote sets deep with me today. So here’s the story. I met a guy over this weekend and we’ve been somewhat talking. Nothing serious but of course my mom is already saying well don’t go to far to fast, how do you know he likes you, what if he doesn’t except you for who you are, what if he hurts you? These are all good comments and questions but there’s this boundary that she needs to stay on the other side of. No I don’t think my mom needs to know every detail of my personal life but yes I do feel that at some point if this guy and I actually come to like each other then she should meet him. I met the guy 2 days ago so I’m not going to all of a sudden want to marry him. I know better than that and my mom should know me well enough to know that I wouldn’t do that. It’s insane and sadly I’ve seen those close to me do things like this and lets just say they didn’t end well. So where does this quote come in? Here’s the thing, if I never take a chance, I’ll never achieve anything. How can I ever fall in love…. without falling in love? I can’t. Will I get hurt? Possibly, very possible. But life goes on. What will I have accomplished. I will have learned something about myself that I might not have been aware of before hand. I might find that letting another person into my life is a good thing even though I’m scared to death of letting people in. In the end it’s not about my mom’s rash opinion of some guy she’s never even met, but about me experiencing life. I want to live, and not be held back by possibilities. Today was an eye opener for me and after the conversation with my mom today, I hope she realizes that she can’t live my life for me. She has to let me live, let me make decisions, good or bad. I can handle my mistakes. However, I’m not sure how I would respond to a decision my mom made for me.

On a different note, snowed in. Crazy winter weather and in a state of emergency. This sucks…. a lot lol. I need to move away from cold weather, its depressing to me. I don’t like cold weather let alone this fluffy white snow sticking to everything it touches. Eewww I despise winter. Nevertheless I’m all smiles going to sleep tonight. I’m not going to let disagreements and bad weather get me down tonight. No way!!!! Good night or good morning if that applies to you.


3 thoughts on “My Life. My decisions.

  1. “How can I ever fall in love……..without falling in love?” Its not something that you practice. You’ll know when you’re in love. Your thoughts will be of nothing but that person, you’re day will brighten when they walk in the room, you are overcome by wanting to be with them to the point you might forget to go to work, on a movie your toes would curl. Although that doesn’t last forever it develops into something far more wonderful – they become your best friend. Although your happiness doesn’t depend on them (that comes from within yourself) it is enhanced when they are around. I could ramble on but I probably sound like your Mum.

    • No no I would have loved to hear something like that from my mom. She was worried which I can understand but she wanted me to give her his number so she could threaten him basically. I’m not saying this guy will be the one I fall in love with but I kind of like him and want to see where it takes me. She knows nothing about him yet and is already trying to get rid of him lol. I guess maybe its just a parent thing but I feel she should at least give him a chance especially if I want to give him a chance. Thank you for commenting and actually you could have kept going. Reading it, I started wondering…. what if 🙂 One day. I’m definitely not rushing anything but its nice to dream.

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