I’m Fine

I’m fine

The line I give…. the line most people give as their world is crashing down

At once a bridge being built,  now ruble in the water

Watching everything I worked for plunging down an endless pit

Yet the words I speak, I’m fine

As if saying were actually believing and everything would somehow be okay

Harping on the past while forgetting what’s to come

Life stands still as time keeps winding on

Don’t worry I assure, I’m fine

Knowing its a lie but hiding from the truth

Confessing would somehow drag another into the flame

To admit that I am weak would surely be defeat

So at the end of the day I repeat, I’m fine

I kid myself they see right through me

The more I hide, the more they see

The brick wall I thought I formed actually see through glass

Saying I don’t need help would be a lie

But I retreat slowly hoping no one notices I disappeared

To no avail I’m seen and asked if everything is okay so I reply

I’m fine

By: kalyssa162          



I don’t know what happened….

So my last post was in February…. 3 months later I get on wordpress and just stare and my page asking what happened???? 

Well I have no idea honestly. Time sneaks by me a lot of times. To only be 20 there is some serious issue with my memory but anyhow…. I’m going to work on this. Now that I’m done with finals and its summer vacation, I can spend some time figuring out what exactly my identity is on here. So this is going to be a rough…. few weeks, months, possibly years, but who knows. We shall see where I go with this. At first I wanted to post at least once a day but now I think I’m going to reduce that a lot, until I get used to it. So for now probably once or twice a week. Since today is Saturday, probably I’ll use Saturdays as a post day. 

So whats been going on lately….


Wisdom teeth…. OUT

Injuries…. CONTROLLED (for now)

Health…. WORKING ON IT (starting with my diet…. need to fix that)


Job…. BRING ON THE CHILDREN (in about a month)…. also on the side, gun shows are terrible lol

Okay, that’s enough. That is just a little in a quick easy to digest list of what is happening. I am really tired though so as I continue to go about my day and the next few days I will be figuring out what I want to do on here.