Can I just go out and say WHAT THE FUCK USA!!!!!!!!!!!! They had the game won and with seconds left let Portugal go and score the freaking equalizer…. WE WERE THROUGH TO THE KNOCKOUT STAGE!!!! THE OTHER GAMES WERENT A BIG DEAL…. well damn…. my heart broke when they scored gaaaaaaaahhh. Oh well now that I’m done with that few seconds of ranting, they’ll be okay. 

So I started coaching the little ones last week and they are a blast! I don’t always want to go but once I get there everything flows smooth lol well at least for the most part. 2-3 year olds get a little rowdy at times lol but so do the 3-4, 6-8 and 8-10 yr olds. It doesn’t help on the days that I have sessions in the morning since I already get up at 5 for workouts. Let me tell you about these past few days though oh my goodness I’ve had a rough one…

Wednesday I took my gma to the hospital and found out another friend was in the hospital, then I lost my keys and thank goodness I found them because I threw them in the trash outside and the next day was trash day….

Thursday I lost my name tag(which could have gotten me written up if I hadn’t found it), found out my cousins brother was in the hospital, found out I had a cousin on life support (breathing on his own now).

Friday I was able to pick my gma up from the hospital but she called me at like 1 I didn’t get her message until 4, I was so tired I didn’t even hear my phone ring.

Saturday I slept until 2 and have had a migraine ever since. I’m probably going to call the doctor tomorrow because it is something I constantly struggle with.

Today I had fitness testing. I didn’t pass any of the tests. It was a practice but what was frustrating was on the second test I failed it by a second…. A FREAKING SECOND!!!! Oh and not to mention I left the windows open in my truck last night my seats are all wet…. 

But I am alive and breathing and I am thankful for that. May have been a rough few days but I’m counting on a better tomorrow so I still have a reason to smile. 🙂 

If you haven’t done so please smile…. like now, I’m waiting!!!!

Have a great day…. or night!! Which ever lol 


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