First off… Happy New Year!!!!

Well putting it short and to the point 2017 flat out sucked but if you’d like to stick around and hear why I’m going to ramble on for just a little while.

I went through most of the year going through the same old drama that I usually go through. Keeping quiet letting events play out how they would. I was with a guy a really didn’t like… but maybe I will discuss that story some other time. Fell in love (actually fell in love) for the first time just for it to fall away… again maybe something I will discuss in the future. I finally went to my doctor and admitted to her that I am struggling with my mental state… depression…anxiety… Blah blah… Death… yeah actually I don’t know a lot that’s happened good in 2017 ooooooohhhh I got an awesome job that I freaking love and the pay is much better than what I had before so that was great for me. But yeah other than that boooo to 2017 I’m glad it’s over and I am super excited for the new year and can’t wait to see what is in store.


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