Family of Strangers

For day 4 of blogging 101 I want to put out a poem that I have recently finished. Its a very personal poem to me, but I want to get it out there. I’ve written so many poems and have just kept them to myself and now I’m trying to figure out how much good it does me when I keep them too myself. The whole idea behind me writing poetry was to get my point across and make meaning of the things happening around me. It does little good to write them if no one will ever read them. I may as well have kept  them in my brain. So with no further delay I guess this is where I start.


Another family reunion filled with so much happiness

Yet, so much frustration and sorrow

I’m happy to see them and share laughs and memories

However I watch those I call family and I can’t help but feel a void

It’s not that they don’t except me

I know with all my heart I am loved

Still there’s a voice in my head saying

“You don’t belong”

I know my family

But, I don’t know them

And they don’t know me

I watch them

Intrigued by their connections

Envying the relationships they share

They know each other well

I’m turned inward

I stand behind my shield

I interact but am careful not to get too close

Not to get in too deep

In my experience that is when everything comes crashing down

Sensing if they knew the full me

No longer would I be accepted

We will share a few laughs

Then at the end of the day, head our separate ways

Restoring the distances between us

I have no one but myself to blame

I continue to distance myself from them

It’s a family reunion

But when I look around

I see strangers


Blogging 101…. The catch up

Hi all. My name is Alyssa. I began blogging a while ago, but somewhere along the line I got side tracked and began to slack off and not doing the blogs on a regular basis and eventually not doing the blog at all. So I was glad to see I could give it another shot with blogging 101. I have sporadically been on and off of wordpress blogging randomly, but I would like to make it a more consistent thing. I obviously am off to a bad start, already late in my start to the program. It has been a rough week, but that’s beyond the point. Today I spend catching up on what I missed.

With this blog I want to write about life. Not necessarily mine, but life in general. Through poetry and writing, mainly poetry, I have made it through 21 years. It seems so short a time yet at the same time so long. I want to get my opinions out there. They sit in a book on my desk, but no one ever hears or sees the true me. No one knows my real views and outlooks. Subjects I’m interested in vary, however, psychology is my main interest. Hopefully blogging 101 (this time) gets me on the track I’ve been wanting to follow.

As far as the task for day 2, my title and tagline will stay the same. It reflects what my goal is. As I stated above, I’ve kept my outlooks, views, experiences, and stories to myself for so long, it’s time to share them. Day 3, I shall find some new blogs to follow, etc. Day 4 will be in the post directly following this one, and as for my theme, I’ve tried others and still love the one I have. Look at me catching up lol. Now to post my day 4 blog. đŸ™‚ There’s hope for me yet!!