Memory and Organization Problems

With the new semester beginning next week I’ve been doing a lot of small things to get ready for the semester. It seems that every time I start I begin organized and ready to go and it all falls apart after the first or second week. I’ve got to keep my grades up and get them even higher if I want to reach my goals. I’m not sure what goes wrong but it hasn’t failed to happen yet. This semester I want to make a change to stay organized in all my classes and make this the best semester I’ve ever had. One of the biggest problems I’ve noticed is remembering deadlines. I’ve tried keeping a planner and that has not helped in fact its added to what I have to remember which makes it even more difficult for me. If anyone has any input on what I could try I am up for any suggestions. I recently got a whiteboard calendar hoping that it will help me at least a small amount in remember things. One other thing I have tried is putting deadlines in my phone but even then I find that it does not help or I forget to put it down all together. I’m running out of ideas. It’s getting really bad and since my concussion at the beginning of the school year its been that much harder. However this problem started long before my concussion. Forgetting stuff doesn’t just affect school but it is the most important thing to me that it is affecting. I’ve heard stuff about memory training, maybe I should look into that. Wouldn’t hurt anything I guess. I’ve got to do something that’s for sure.