Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

I shall start this weekly photo challenge as well. Looks fun. Well this is not a new photo and it is actually my header. However immediately when I looked at the topic beginning this pic came to mind. I took this pic while walking around a family members neighborhood. However I wish it was now that I took this pic. I would love to see sunshine and feel the warmth of the sun…. but then came winter lol. The reason I thought of this pic was because for some reason this pic has become sort of symbolic for me. Once you choose a path that’s it, but if you don’t choose a path you’re stuck. It might be a scary decision but its a decision we all must make. We can open new doors and close those we have completed as we get further but once you begin there’s no outlet. Its sketched into our path and can’t be erased. Just more paths to add to our bunch. It makes us who we are. I’m done with this or I’ll ramble on probably repeating myself 6 or 7 times.