A Visit to the Doctor’s Office (Part 2)

The doctor walked in with his clipboard and gave me a looked that assured me something wasn’t right. He asked:

“Would you like the good news or the bad news first.”

Oh no there it was I knew for sure whatever he had to say, I was not going to want to hear it. I was so scared to hear anything but eventually told him that he could choose. He looked at his clipboard then back and me smiled and said:

“Good news, you didn’t tear your meniscus, but….”

WHAT THE HECK!!!! Could he make my life any more difficult. He must have been amused by the agony he was giving me in not just telling me straight out. Maybe I should have said just give me the bad news and spare me the good. He smiled and I knew at this point that he was in fact enjoying my anticipation. Finally he continued:

“your MRI showed that your iliotibial band is really inflamed and that can mimic a tear in  the meniscus which is why you are in so much pain.”

My what?? After he explained this to me, he then told me that it would not sideline me and that I could do as much as the pain would allow me to do. I was prescribed meds to get rid of the inflammation and released to practice. After all of that I was relieved to know that it wasn’t as serious as it could have been. It still gives me problems today but I still laugh at how nervous I was to hear the doctors results.  🙂 

This was the end of my story for the weekly writing challenge.



A Visit to the Doctor’s Office

The pain had been nagging at me since the second week of practice. Every step in my stride brought the sharpest pains through my knee. I could barely stand it. Literally. I’d been playing soccer for five years by this time and up until this point I had never been in so much pain. The closest thing to it was when I pulled my quad the year before but even that didn’t even closely resemble the pain I was in. In high school I was known for hiding pains I had, however this one I couldn’t hide. I went and talked to the trainer and she spent a few days trying to help the problem with ultrasound therapies, ice, stretching and strengthening, but eventually decided it was best for me to go see a doctor. Doctors scare the crap out of me and believe me I have a legit reason (….you don’t want to know lol). So the appointment was set and I awaited the day. When it came I saw the doctor and he took a few x-rays and could not find anything from just the regular exam but was concerned I may have torn my meniscus so he ordered an MRI. I got the MRI which was terrible. Have you ever been in one of those machines? I mean its seriously torcher. I can’t sit still as it is but having a nurse tell me that I have to lie there and not move at all…. let me tell you, I was not a happy camper at all. Nevertheless I lied there still and stared at a dot on the machine for about 15 terribly long minutes. After this was the wait for the results. So I waited…. and waited. It seems like when you are anxious to know a result is when the wait feels like years away.

Finally it was the day. I got in the car, shut the door, and made the drive to the docs office. Nervously I pounded on the steering wheel to the music wondering what the doctor would say. When I arrived, I got out the car, took a deep breathe, and walked in. The nurse called my name and led me to a room. This may have been the longest walk of my life. Have you ever looked at a hallway and dreaded the fact that you had to go all the way to the other side? That’s how I felt. (Granted I actually was put in the 2nd room in the hallway. But it took a long while to get to that hall). I sat in the room, the nurse told me the doctor would be in with me shortly and I began to watch the clock. Bad idea. Minutes went by but they felt like hours. My heart nearly ripped from my chest every time I heard footsteps. Whispers were now at the door and I could barely sit in my chair I was so nervous. The door opened and my hear stopped.

To be continued….

Well, I’m not the best story teller but this is my shot at the cliffhanger for the weekly writing challenge. Keep checking back for the end to the story.