The End

Mondays will be a little like Fridays in that the first Monday of the month will be dedicated to something different than the rest. I decided to dedicate these Mondays to poetry.

I thought about doing a poem every Monday, but I get nervous sharing my poetry, so at least for now I will leave it to just the first Mondays. The rest of the Mondays will have to do with inspiration. Nothing set, but the topic will be inspiration.

The End

I’m living a fractured dream

Broken promises

Awaiting the day my pain will cease to control me


I know not true happiness

Upon its first spark

Sadness or annoyance hastily flare in its place


I attempt to find relief

But to no avail

Left to watch my efforts become insignificant


This life is unforgiving

Forced to stay silent

Overwhelmed with the secrets I keep sheltered inside


How much longer can I last

Too tired to be strong

I’m afraid I’ve reached the climax to this hopeless fight


At one time I thought in reach

Now I see no light

I was destined to fail even before I began


My energy is long gone

My shield has fallen

I’m left defenseless against a stronger opponent


Can this really be the end




A little update

This sporadic posting thing is kind of not cool. Im seriously working on getting on a schedule set. Anyway, hello!! How is your day?

Quick talk of my weekend: Ive been out of town since Thursday and just getting back home this morning. The longest, slowest weekend I’ve had in a long time. Probably the slowest gun show I’ve been to. The fact that my dad decided it a great idea to get into selling ammo sucks sometimes because carrying in 10,000lbs of ammo gets really tiring and the system we have as of now is probably the worse well minus carrying one case at a time. That would be the death of me. Especially since this is a near every weekend thing. Despite my complaining, I enjoy spending the time with my dad and on top of that I get paid so it’s not that bad in the end.

Today starts my push towards getting ready for my soccer season. I am so excited for this season coming up. We have been so close and this year could be the year that we do big things. Im a little nervous about our workouts. My coach has been excited about crossfit and I’ve only heard and suffered bad effects from it. I know there are a lot of lovers of crossfit but honestly, I think it’s dangerous and not worth the risk. Plus the crossfit trainers don’t have the education that other exercise coaches/trainers have. But, that’s all I have to say about that. 

I’ve been working a lot on my poetry lately and probably will be posting a few poems here soon. I just wanted to get something on here though. I’ve been peeking in on other posts but as for me actually posting myself, Ive not been keeping up. This is going to get fixed. Preferably sooner than later. 

Have a great day!!!! Smile at someone today. You might just make their day.

I’m Fine

I’m fine

The line I give…. the line most people give as their world is crashing down

At once a bridge being built,  now ruble in the water

Watching everything I worked for plunging down an endless pit

Yet the words I speak, I’m fine

As if saying were actually believing and everything would somehow be okay

Harping on the past while forgetting what’s to come

Life stands still as time keeps winding on

Don’t worry I assure, I’m fine

Knowing its a lie but hiding from the truth

Confessing would somehow drag another into the flame

To admit that I am weak would surely be defeat

So at the end of the day I repeat, I’m fine

I kid myself they see right through me

The more I hide, the more they see

The brick wall I thought I formed actually see through glass

Saying I don’t need help would be a lie

But I retreat slowly hoping no one notices I disappeared

To no avail I’m seen and asked if everything is okay so I reply

I’m fine

By: kalyssa162