Minor Set Back

So, I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. Had a soccer game and demolished my ankle saving my keeper from having to make a 6000th save by sticking my foot out to stop a guy from taking a shot with 20sec left in the game. He didn’t get his shot off, so minus the instant pain that came I was satisfied with the outcome and we ended up winning 1-0 to go to semifinals. I obviously couldn’t play but we did good in that game until the end we sort of ran out of gas. Could not walk on it much after the game yesterday and today when I woke up it was even worse with excruciating pain. Decided I needed to get checked out in fear it was broken so went to the walk in orthopedic clinic this morning. Lucky me it’s just a bad sprain. In a boot for the time being and no soccer for at least 2 weeks. That’s going to be torture but I’ll be alright haha. This is not what I had planned to talk about today, but the pain really has my mind off track. I will get back to my planned schedule tomorrow.

In the future Tuesdays will be anything that comes to mind , so guess it’ll just be my random day and Wednesdays will be dedicated to psychology topics. I dream of becoming a sports psychologist so many of the topics will probably focus on that.

Anyway, I just felt I needed to put some kind of post up today. I’ve lost my everyday this year goal but life happens and if I only miss a few days out of the whole year, that will still be a major accomplishment for me. Have a great night or day everyone and be safe.


College Returns

So before I go into my thoughts on what this semester brings, for zero to hero challenge today we are supposed to create a blogroll. I think I’m just really tired but I don’t get it. I’ve got it up but I don’t understand putting new ones on it or idk. Maybe I will revisit the idea in the morning when I’ve slept off this long day.

Classes began Monday and it was one of those I’m ready but I’m not type things. However, I am excited for the semester. I believe I mentioned it at some point, maybe, I tend to forget things, but I am a psychology major. So this semester I have 3 psych classes including: research methods, social, and personality. Really looking forward to personality because it sounds interesting but also because I love the professor I have. Continuing I also have 2 history classes and 1 social work class that I’m excited about because it is all about respect and responsibility for elders. I’m already shocked with myself which is sad cause it’s only the second day, but I completely finished everything I wanted to get done tonight which rarely EVER happens. So real excited about that.

For 2 of my psych classes  I already need to start looking for a topic for our major grade for one I need a topic for a research proposal and the other I need a person whose personality I can dissect. For the research proposal I already know my focus will be in sports psychology but I now have to figure out a question that I can get from that. There’s lots of tons of things I could do but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. For the person…. I’ve no clue yet. Maybe a soccer player. I just need someone that I can get information on their childhood. I am actually excited about these projects so we’ll see where it goes.

I’m worn out so I’m going to say its my bedtime. Have a great night, evening, day, morning, which ever suits your time. 🙂