I don’t know what happened….

So my last post was in February…. 3 months later I get on wordpress and just stare and my page asking what happened???? 

Well I have no idea honestly. Time sneaks by me a lot of times. To only be 20 there is some serious issue with my memory but anyhow…. I’m going to work on this. Now that I’m done with finals and its summer vacation, I can spend some time figuring out what exactly my identity is on here. So this is going to be a rough…. few weeks, months, possibly years, but who knows. We shall see where I go with this. At first I wanted to post at least once a day but now I think I’m going to reduce that a lot, until I get used to it. So for now probably once or twice a week. Since today is Saturday, probably I’ll use Saturdays as a post day. 

So whats been going on lately….


Wisdom teeth…. OUT

Injuries…. CONTROLLED (for now)

Health…. WORKING ON IT (starting with my diet…. need to fix that)


Job…. BRING ON THE CHILDREN (in about a month)…. also on the side, gun shows are terrible lol

Okay, that’s enough. That is just a little in a quick easy to digest list of what is happening. I am really tired though so as I continue to go about my day and the next few days I will be figuring out what I want to do on here. 




Quick Update

I haven’t been on in a while and so much has been happening that it probably was best that I haven’t been. Right now my mom is playing a clip of my aunt singing a song. It’s all we have left of her beautiful voice. I miss her so much but I can only imagine the pain my mom and grandma have. In 14 days it will have been 4 years since I have seen her. Each year it is as if she fades a little more away and it hurts me so much. I think I miss most her laugh. If only you all could have heard it you would share the joy that we all got from it. She was by no means perfect. She had her drawbacks but don’t we all. She might be the reason I’m so drawn to sharp objects lol. That’s a story for a different time however.

On a different note:

Over the weekend I helped my dad move stuff from my grandparents house and due to the great snow……….. (obviously sarcasm) I slipped on the bed of his truck and obtained a great little gash on my shin. Pretty sure its semi infected which sucks. Oh well I’m keeping it clean and what not so hopefully it heals up soon. Going to have fun running tonight. Suicides…. fun. Oh well…. things are starting to slow down so hopefully that means that I will get to get on more often now 🙂 OH MY COUSIN HAD HER BABY YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITING 🙂 Okay hope to be back on soon.